Nintendo To Pay $15 million In 3DS Lawsuit


While I am not a *huge* fan of the 3DS, (3D is difficult to enjoy when you have mole like vision that is akin to being blind) it’s hard to deny how awesome the piece of technology is. Oh and Animal Crossing exists on it which I couldn’t be happier about. However, according to a new Bloomberg report, Nintendo has been ordered to pay $15.1 million to a former Sony inventor who claimed the company’s 3DS infringed on his technology patent.

Back in March, Tomita was awarded $30.2 million when he won his lawsuit against the gaming giant. This week he was given the option to accept the $15.1 million or start a new trial where he could lose it all. Nintendo is not giving up despite the ruling. Nintendo senior director of corporate communications Charlie Scibetta said the company will appeal the jury’s verdict, though no timetable was given for when this may happen.

The lawsuit from Tomita claimed that he showed a prototype of his technology in 2003 to several Nintendo officials. Four of those officials went on to assist in the creation of the 3DS. The legal team on Nintendo’s side, however, denies this claim. They state that the 3DS in fact does not use any of the key aspects of Tomita’s patent and that his meeting was just one of many they had with merchants in the 3D technology industry.

The $30.2 million figure was settled on when Tomita originally sued Nintendo in 2011 claiming that he was entitled to $9.80 for every 3DS sold. As of date, Nintendo has sold nearly 32.5 million units.

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