“Better Call Saul” Series Moves Forward


A few months ago we reported that a “Breaking Bad” spinoff was in the works for everyone’s favorite criminal lawyer, Saul Goodman. AMC recently confirmed that the project is definitely moving forward and (for the moment) is titled, “Better Call Saul.”

In “Breaking Bad,” Saul Goodman is played by Bob Odenkirk. The character is not just a criminal lawyer but he is also a criminal – lawyer. He is both Jesse and Walter’s lawyer and helps smuggle money, take care of loose ends, and is partially in charge of keeping all their illegal activity under wraps.

The spinoff series is set to focus on Goodman before he became the meth king’s lawyer and will serve as a prequel to the hit series that concludes this year.

Odenkirk is set to reprise his role while the creator of the character, executive producer and writer Peter Gould, is also set to return. “Breaking Bad” creator, Vince Gilligan, is also expected to be involved in some capacity but the exact extent has not been decided. Anyone else kind of hope Huell and Kuby are in this series?

Launched during the second season of “Breaking Bad,” you can check out the viral website for Goodman’s law firm by clicking here. Remember, don’t drink and drive but if you do, you better call Saul.

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