Cat Paws Can Utilize Unlocking Imprint on iPhone 5S

Animals_Cats_Cat_paws_022255_ copy

I know like most of the world, you have been wondering for ages whether your cat is old enough for their first cell phone. But at the same time you didn’t want those other mean cats who bully your baby to get ahold of it and steal their personal information. Well then you are in luck! The upcoming new installment of iPhones have a unique “fingerprint” scanner that allows for extra security that also works for your cat! In the video, we see that a cat paw can be used to unlock the phone just like a fingerprint.

Thanks to Techcrunch, we have this video that gave me paws. Get it? Cat paws? Okay. Techcrunch at least admits that using a cat paw instead of your finger will make the process take longer. Though the mere fact that it can happen is kind of amazing.

You can watch the video below:

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