Syfy Making Lake Placid Vs. Anaconda Movie


Oh Syfy. I love you and everything you represent. Please, don’t ever change.

Syfy has announced their plans to begin production on a brand new movie and yes, it is exactly as ridiculously amazing as you hope in your heart of hearts. According to ShockTillYouDrop, the Lake Placid versus Anaconda movie will begin shorting in Bulgaria in early december.

The exact type of mashup this film will be remains unclear. Whether anaconda will appear in Lake Placid or if the giant crocodiles are making their way to the Amazon (as IGN noted crocodiles can swim in both fresh and salt water) we can expect the film to be awesome. Also it will likely involve some genetic experimentation gone wrong giant animal of some sort. Anacondiles? Crocacondas?

You might remember Lake Placid as the 1999 thriller film that went on to somehow spawn three sequels. Anaconda also graced us in the 90’s for it’s 1997 release that starred Jennifer Lopez and Jon Voight. It also received three sequels.

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