David Fincher and Gillian Flynn to Bring Utopia to HBO


David Fincher and Gillian Flynn, the team behind the upcoming October 3 film release Gone Girl, are partnering up again for an upcoming HBO miniseries project entitled “Utopia.”

The series is based no the recent UK series of the same name. The original series, which is currently preparing for a new season, is officially described as follows:

Five online strangers end up being drawn together by the legendary manuscript of a cult graphic novel and they end up being pursued by a secret and deadly organization known only as The Network. The online comic book forum agree to meet after gaining possession of the original manuscript for the cult graphic novel ‘The Utopia Experiments’.

Three of the forum members meet in the pub while another ends up being confronted and killed by two Network henchmen. The only witness to the murder is 11-year-old Grant and after he flees with the manuscript, the henchmen attempt to catch him.

HBO has picked up “Utopia” for a full series order. Fincher will direct the pilot while Flynn is providing the screenplay. Both will also executive produce alongside Joshua Donen, Jane Featherstone, Carolyn Bernstein and the show’s original creator, Dennis Kelly.

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